Vision Diagram


House of Prayer
Scriptures teach that prayer is what shifts things in the heavenly realm, thereby making the worldwide house of prayer the governmental center of God’s Kingdom. God has called His house — the Church
to be a house of prayer for all nations and to do the work of the Kingdom of God. The first step in any new work is to establish a House of Prayer. There can be nothing accomplished from the missions base except that which is birthed in prayer. Prayer will be the most important value in the ministry.
By the grace of God, multiple houses of prayer, based on the vision diagram, will be established throughout the world. The connection and interaction between multiple houses of prayer will create stronger community in the regions, facilitate increased business opportunities, and allow for higher levels of biblical training.

Homes for Children
Once the House of Prayer is established, begin starting homes for children who have been orphaned or caught in human trafficking. The Lord has called the missions bases to repair the breach that has been formed by the lack of fathers in the land. Minister God the Father’s love to this fatherless generation and work to establish a Malachi 4:6 environment in the land. To that end, multiple homes must be established by parents who love Jesus and are committed to bringing hope to a generation of hopeless children.

Begin a school to teach reading, writing, math and other basic education courses to the children and other local children. English, music and biblical studies should also be taught. As the children grow older, teach them skills they can use once they graduate from their studies. The goal is not just to raise them in a Godly atmosphere but to see them succeed and flourish in life and in their relationship with God, in addition to providing them food, shelter and love.

Part of the mandate of the Missions Base will be to help Christian families begin their own businesses and provide income for themselves. About a $100 donation would allow a family to start a business that would provide income for the entire family for the rest of their lives. Look for oppotunities for larger scale businesses as the vision grows and the Lord leads.

Isaiah 58:5-8 calls Christians to provide for widows and orphans and to feed the poor. The call to believers is to loose the chains of injustice and let the oppressed go free. Break every yoke and let the hindrances be lifted off so the people are free to worship, free to love, free to enjoy God and have an intimate relationship with Jesus with hearts to care for the Bride of Christ in the context of night and day prayer.